PoleGrip launches at Pole Expo in Las Vegas

Booth #506

We are so excited to be launching PoleGrip across the globe in the best party city in the world,  which is Las Vegas!  And at the biggest pole and aerial event in the world PoleExpo!

After long negotiations, we're also very happy to announce that the incredible Fawnia Mondey is our PoleGrip distributor for the USA.  So we all know its in the best hands. 

We look forward to seeing  you all at booth #506 

Click and Collect

We've made it so easy for you to purchase your own bottle of PoleGrip by using our Click and Collect service.

You will then be able to Grab Your Grip from booth #506 at PoleExpo


Have you booked?

Pole Expo 2019

Are you ready for Pole Expo 2019? It's important that you get all the classes booked in advance.

If not click HERE to get booking them also and with your new bottle of Pole Grip you can give it a try.  

WHO'S WHO at Pole Expo?

Here's a quick run down of who you can expect to see at Pole Expo 2019

Fawnia Mondey - Owner of Pole Fitness Studio and Pole Expo


      Jamilla Deville USA/Australia

       Greta Pontarelli, USA/ Italy
      Mary Ellyn Weissman, USA

      Summer Vyne, USA
      Suwasit, USA/ Thailand
      Zoraya Judd, USA 

Some of the other great Pole Athletes to look out for:


  • Doris Arnold

  • Evgeny Greshilov

  • Jeni Janover

  • Jenyne Butterfly

  • Karol Helms

  • Michelle Stanek

  • Nadia Sharif

  • Oona Kivela

  • Phoenix Kazree

  • Samantha Star

  • Suwasit